It’s very rewarding when you see people well and doing things they never thought they would do...
— Blyth Star Staff Member

Our Purpose and Values

Blyth Star Enterprises was established to work with people who experience mental ill health and or learning disabilities, to enable them to live and work within the community and to support them towards achieving not only a life within the community but a quality of life. We achieve this through a variety of activities which are always evolving. They depend upon the people we work with and are accordingly flexible.

At the core of all of the activities undertaken are the principles of Mental Health Recovery, supporting individuals to have active and valued roles within their community.

Our Guarantee

  • We have extensive experience in supporting people with mental ill health and or learning disabilities.
  • We have trained dedicated and friendly staff who believe in individual recovery and helping people to reach their own level of independence.
  • We take a holistic view of people’s lives and focus on the person, not the disability.
  • We offer a diverse and wide ranging choice of services that focus upon:
    o    Somewhere to live
    o    Somewhere to work
    o    Someone to Care
  • We are committed to helping people have better, more social engaged lives when becoming part of Blyth Star Enterprises.