Blyth Star Enterprises has many local, national and international partners it has worked with over several years...

We work closely with Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group, Northumberland County Council, Job Centre Plus and others to ascertain any gaps in support, social care and training for people with mental ill health and or learning disabilities in our area, and how those gaps can be best addressed.

We have a close working relationship with the homelessness Charity, Changing Lives, with which we jointly support people with homeless and mental health issues. The charity continues to work with other local organisation, voluntary, charitable or otherwise to ensure that the work we do and the people we work with are an active and valued part of the local community. In particular we have developed close working relationships with the Port of Blyth, our local Blyth ASDA Superstore Community Champion and over 20 schools across Northumberland.

The Keel Row pub and restaurant in Seaton Delaval has been an active supporter of Blyth Star Enterprises over a number of years, both raising significant funds and hosting events for the benefit of the Charity.

Blyth Star Enterprises has worked with the Greek mental health organisation The Society for Social Psychiatry and Mental Health for nearly 30 years, focusing on sharing best practice and involvement in psychiatric reform in Greece.

The CEO of Blyth Star Enterprises held the position of President of the Asklepios Foundation for a number of years and our organisation has hosted a number of visits to services Northumberland. The Foundation’s main objective is to positively influence change in mental health services across Europe and beyond.


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