It gets me out and meeting people. I particulary enjoy crafting and baking.

The Old Chandlery provides the setting for many of Blyth Star’s day activities, with various departments for individuals to choose from depending on their background, hobbies and personality.

Our Craft department offers a relaxed atmosphere where individuals can undertake all manner of crafts projects using arts and textiles whilst socialising and sharing their skills, and all in a stimulating and supportive environment.

The Catering department gives individuals the opportunity to help prepare, cook and serve lunch for people in the Old Chandlery. This includes training in all areas of food hygiene and individuals are encouraged to work towards a Level 2 Award for Food Safety. Skills learned in our Catering department can help contribute to an individual’s ability to live independently, as well as improving their confidence and self-esteem, and allowing them to come away with a great sense of achievement.

Our Computing department offers people a range of computer-based learning activities. Our large IT suite houses 10 computer stations and a 50 inch touchscreen system to enable those with low vision or dexterity problems to access computers. We have access to Life Skills interactive training, software for improving literacy and numeracy, and photo-editing and music production software.  We also provide online access to MoodGym, a program which enables users to learn cognitive behavioural therapy skills which help cope with and prevent depression.

We are dedicated to providing continuity of care for our service users and the services we offer at The Old Chandlery are a big part of this. We help our clients to develop social and life skills which will help them on their way to independent living but most of all, we provide them with a safe environment where they are accepted, no matter what.

“Lots of people living with mental ill health feel very lonely and like they don’t belong anywhere. At The Old Chandlery, we are like one big family. We make everyone feel significant and wanted, which is so important to our service users’ journey to recovery.
— Judy Gray, Service Manager at The Old Chandlery.

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