I have my own flat in Blyth and I’m not worried, as I can ring staff anytime...
— Blyth Star Service User

For an individual with learning disabilities and/or enduring mental health issues, a key part of taking control of their own life is having the power to choose where and how they'd like to live, and the degree of care they feel they need.

The choice of living support services that we offer caters for a range of needs, from around the clock support in our Residential Community Rehabilitation Unit or our Independent Supported Living programme, to more flexible support which fosters independence such as our Supported Housing or Outreach Floating Support programmes.

Blyth Star offers its service users the following living support options:

Residential Community Rehab


Our Residential Community Rehab Service consists of a fully staffed seven bed unit providing individuals with 24 hour support 7 days a week. The aim is to help people regain control of their lives and move towards independent living at a pace that they feel comfortable with. This service can be also be supplemented with up to three days a week of activities or employment training.

Independent Supported Living


Our Independent Supported Living (ISL) service is designed for individuals who want to live in their own home within their community, but who require intensive support. To support this choice, Blyth Star provides a friendly and highly-skilled team who can help with everything from day-to-day tasks to finding the most suitable property to suit each individual’s needs.

Outreach Floating Support

Our Outreach Floating Support service provides support for people who either have their own home or who require less support in managing their day-to-day lives. This service is available 24 hours a day and in emergencies.

Supported Housing

Supported Housing.jpeg

Supported Housing is the perfect option for those people who feel able to live more independently, with our friendly and highly trained staff delivering an agreed plan of support, with the option of 24 hour support available where necessary.

In-Reach Floating Support


Our specialist In-Reach Floating Support service assists people on the often difficult transition from hospital to community.


Get in Touch with Us

If you have any questions about our Living Support Services, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us using the details below...

Tel: 01670 360 122
Email: j.dixon@blythstar.org.uk

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