Chatting with others and working takes my mind off my illness.

Our garden maintenance team perform a variety of gardening services for both residential and commercial clients. During the summer they look after the gardens of local people who are elderly and/or disabled and are unable to maintain their garden on their own. They also manage a number of flower beds on behalf of local organisations and charities. Working as part of the garden maintenance team allows individuals to participate in tasks such as cutting lawns, edging, strimming and hedge cutting, and gain a knowledge of equipment and safety.

People who want to be part of our garden maintenance team will be given training before using equipment and will be taught how to perform tasks such as weeding, turning over soil, planting, and customer service skills. Becoming part of our garden maintenance team provides individuals with a great excuse to spend time outdoors when it’s nice weather, or even when it’s not, as well as providing a great opportunity to learn from trained professionals.

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