Fundraise for Blyth Star

No matter how hard the challenge you set for yourself, raising money for Blyth Star Enterprises couldn’t be easier. Simply go to our Just Giving page and click on Fundraise for Us. It’s always best to add a photograph and write a short personal statement explaining why you’ve decided to raise money for Blyth Star… Perhaps we’ve helped someone you know or you’ve been inspired by the work we’ve done in the region.

Any online sponsorship you receive for us through JustGiving is eligible for Gift Aid, which means Blyth Star benefits from an extra 25% from HMRC.

You can also raise money for Blyth Star the old-fashioned way, using a Sponsorship Form and collecting cash in person from your sponsors. Once you’ve collected all your sponsorship money you can write a cheque payable to ‘Blyth Star Enterprises’ and post it to us at the following address:

Blyth Star Enterprises
The Old Chandlery
30 Ridley Street
NE24 3AG

Download a Blyth Star Sponsorship Form here...

If you’re raising money for Blyth Star we’d love to hear from you! Perhaps you have a fundraising success story which you’d like to share with the world through our website. Your story could inspire somebody else to do something incredible for Blyth Star! To get in touch about fundraising ideas or success stories, or get more information about fundraising for Blyth Star Enterprises please contact Jill Watkin on the following:

01670 338 500

We can also help you raise money by promoting your fundraising bid on our official Blyth Star Facebook and Twitter pages…

You can click here to go to the JustGiving Fundraiser Tool Kit, a handy collection of templates and tips for getting your fundraising journey up and running!