“I attend Lionhearts at the Costello Centre because I find that it helps distract me from my mental health condition. I need to start the day doing something, rather than sat at home struggling to cope with the day.”


Lionhearts, Alnwick

Established in 2009, Lionhearts is a service user led mental health group set up to provide a programme of activities to help combat isolation and loneliness for communities in Alnwick and South East Northumberland. Lionhearts is managed by a committee of service users and volunteers, and is supported by local charity Blyth Star Enterprises.

At the core of all activities undertaken by Lionhearts are the principles of recovery and social role valorisation (SRV), supporting individuals to play active and valued roles within their community. We provide a range of activities and clubs for people with mental health issues, including Lunch Club, Gym, Walking Club, IT Club, Cycling Club and Art Club.

Membership Charges

Lionhearts membership costs £20 per member per day or £50 per member per week. Blyth Star Enterprises will invoice the Referral Agency every 4 weeks, and requires 2 weeks notice to cancel a membership. Self-funding is also available and members will be charged the same price as listed above. For more information or for a referral form, please contact:

Ann Marie Lister (Facilitator)
07545 424 862